The Silver Conductor Exposed – ” Keeping Soul Alive “

The Silver Conductor is back with a brand of music that is both refreshing and positive.The Silver Conductor Exposed – ” Keeping Soul Alive “

Working with the likes of  Maurice and Verdine  White of  Earth, Wind & Fire by way of Philip Bailey (EWF), The Jackson Five, Jackie Jackson, Dale Bozzio of Missing Persons Fame and many others back in the early 80’s, he saw what was going on in the music Industry that  became quite concerning for Future generations of talented musicians as well as the Industry paradigm unfolding  i.e. the New Digital Industry. He felt a more Positive approach and message was so badly needed in the music being produced be it Dance, Jazz, Rock, Hip Hop or House which by the way if you Listen closely, it’s just refurbished Disco 🙂 . When asked to describe the sonic vibe of  The Silver Conductor says Famed jazz Artist George Duke, ” It’s music that has an undeniable elegance, like fine wine, aged to perfection, one sip, one listen, and you yearn for more”
The Silver Conductor is truly unconventional to say the least, but refreshing with sophisticated dance grooves, Melodic vocal melodies surrounded by the craftiness of violin elegance, and orchestrated ambiance like fine Wine and potato chips, music you hear once and just acquire the thirst and taste for more. From ” Old School to New Skool ” The Silver Conductor with the CJO (contemporary jazz orchestra), receives 4 out 5 stars on my musical radar.
MusicLuv to ALL eyes that see read and hear this. All music & lyrics written composed and produced by: The Silver Conductor

"Holidays Without You"

The Holiday tribute to my baby brother Robert F. Brookins

“Holiday’s Without You” ep

Silver Singles:

“CHANGE UP”  world dance party

“B4M” = back for more ladies okay

“FRIDAY FEELIN” on a monday

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